PR Newswire: VIVIQ Skin Health Launches to Bring Clinical Benefits to Prestige Skincare

VIVIQ Skin Health, a prestige skincare brand, launched today with the world's first and only skincare product powered by Matrikynes® biotechnology, a clinically proven blend of extracellular matrix peptides designed to bring clinic-worthy results to consumer skincare.

Based on over 10 years of research and development, VIVIQ™ products support the body's natural healing ability to restore strong, balanced, healthy skin.

"Our skin is under constant assault from photodamage, oxidation, injury, and the normal progression of aging. I realized this personally after a serious accident left me with severe scarring on my face. Despite hundreds of products on the market and a lot of hype, I couldn't find any truly effective solutions. With a pressing need and a deep understanding of the science, we knew we could do better," said Andrea Nye, co-founder of VIVIQ.

"Our goal at VIVIQ™ is to set a new standard in premium clinical skincare. By combining our scientific expertise in advanced biomaterials with a signature brand aesthetic, VIVIQ is empowering educated consumers to address their specific skin needs."

Bold Science, Beautiful Skin

VIVIQ™ co-founder Dr. John O'Neill, PhD, is a leading bioengineer and expert in tissue regeneration and cell health. By incorporating a patented combination of bioactive peptides called matrikines (trademark Matrikynes®), Dr. O'Neill and his team formulate high potency products that supercharge cellular repair to support skin rejuvenation.1, 2

"VIVIQ's Matrikynes® biotechnology contains a proprietary combination of powerful regenerative multi-peptide molecules that help instruct our skin to rebuild and restore a healthy appearance," said Dr. O'Neill. "By supporting the structural building blocks of skin, Matrikynes® bioactives reduce the appearance of redness, wrinkles, and fine lines to promote radiant, resilient, smoother-looking skin."

VIVIQ's Advanced Dermal Repair Cream

VIVIQ's category-defining treatment, VIVIQ™ Advanced Dermal Repair Cream, is scientifically formulated with clinically proven Matrikynes® biotechnology to support the body's immune system to help heal damaged skin. Engineered for maximum skin penetration, the formulation supports cellular repair to help improve the tone and texture of skin while visibly reducing unwanted discoloration.

In clinical studies3, significant improvements were found in visible signs of discoloration, redness, scarring, and skin appearance overall. Participants reported that VIVIQ™ Advanced Dermal Repair Cream improved the look and feel of their skin texture, made their skin feel softer, reduced the appearance of discoloration and redness, and dramatically improved the appearance of blemishes and scars.

About VIVIQ Skin Health

VIVIQ's bold goal is to radically transform consumer skincare with the power of regenerative multi-peptide Matrikynes® to deliver clinical-level results in skin health and healing.


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