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From our laboratory to your skin:
The revolutionary power of restoration and repair

The secret to better skin health: Matrikynes® biotechnology

graphic representation of stem cells and growth factors used in skincare

A breakthrough for skin healing

Our skin is under constant assault: ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and injury damages skin, causing inflammation which breaks down skin cells.

Matrikynes® are powerful multipeptide molecules that work with the body to combat inflammation and supercharge cellular repair. Acting like a ‘natural skin repair manual’, Matrikynes® instruct our skin to rebuild and restore a healthy structure, helping to heal daily damage.

What keeps our skin hydrated?

Skin has specialized molecules that retain water, keeping tissue hydrated and improving barrier function.

Matrikynes® contain naturally-occurring glycosaminoglycans, such as hyaluronic acid, that act like a molecular sponge by absorbing and retaining water at the surface of your skin.

These vital molecules, able to hold 10,000% of their weight in water, are an extremely effective humectant, keeping skin hydrated, soft, and supple.

a water splash indicating hydration in skincare
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Can you actually repair aging skin?

We lose up to 2% of our skin collagen every year, which can lead to wrinkles, loss of firmness, and rough skin texture.

Matrikynes® offer natural growth factor skincare that helps preserve skin collagen and elastin, stimulating new collagen production.

By reinforcing the structural building blocks of your skin, Matrikynes reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and promote radiant, resilient, smoother-looking skin.

The ABC Method

Through his extensive research, Professor Bader has developed a powerful technique that unlocks the body’s innate code for tissue repair. It is based on the discovery of three functions that must happen simultaneously in the stem cells for healing to take place: Activate, Boost, Commit. The ABC Method is a totally new approach, working with the body’s own physiological communication systems to trigger healing for sustainable health and wellbeing.


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Molecular multi-taskers

“Matrikynes® are hardworking and effective molecular multi-taskers. They work through a variety of regenerative cellular pathways to reverse skin damage, restore homeostasis, and help achieve and maintain healthy skin.”

- Dr. John O’Neill

Dr. John O'Neill

Dr. John O’Neill is a leading bioengineer and expert in tissue regeneration and cell health. His groundbreaking work at Columbia University and beyond is published in Nature Medicine and other world-renowned scientific journals.

After more than 10 years of research, Dr. O’Neill discovered how a powerful combination of bioactive peptides called Matrikynes® could supercharge the skin’s ability to restore itself, unlocking one of nature’s best-kept secrets for healthy skin.

scientist and founder of viviq dr. john o'neill phd