Our Story

Born out of necessity;
Solved through science

a facial injury with stitches across a woman's eyebrowhealed progression of facial injury using advanced dermal repair cream

VIVIQ, born out of necessity.

A traumatic accident in the New York City subway left Andrea Nye with severe injuries that required 32 stitches across her face.

"Despite hundreds of products on the market and a lot of hype, I couldn't find any truly effective solutions.
With a pressing need and a deep understanding of the science, we knew we could do better." 

Andrea Nye, Co-Founder

Searching for a solution

She turned to Dr. John O’Neill, an expert in cellular regeneration with groundbreaking work published in world-renowned scientific journals.

Dr. O’Neill set out to develop a formulation that could speed her healing and minimize scarring.

a scientist working with cell culture in biosafety cabinet
a woman with brown hair healed after injury andrea nye

Matrikynes®: A New Era of Skin Health

Dr. O’Neill and his team successfully discovered and patented a powerful combination of bioactive peptides, Matrikynes®, to supercharge the skin’s ability to restore itself, unlocking one of nature’s best-kept secrets for skin health and healing. 

The results were remarkable. Injuries that were expected to scar are no longer noticeable. The benefits for skin health were obvious, and VIVIQ was born to bring effective, clinic-worthy results to consumer skincare.

Our goal at VIVIQ™ is to set a new standard in premium clinical skincare.
By combining our scientific expertise in advanced biomaterials with a signature brand aesthetic, VIVIQ is empowering educated consumers to address their specific skin needs.